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   - Currently requesting Beta-Readers on Janus Cypher - Book Two in The TimeBridge Journals
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         - San Francisco Writers Conference -NOTE: Rescheduled from February 17 20 to July 21 - 24, 2022

         - Norwescon 44 - Science Fiction Fantasy Writers Convention - April 14 - 17, 2022

         - Edinburgh International Book Festival: 13 - 29, August, 2022 (Attending: 25th - 29th, August) 

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 Working out the details of the outline as of January 2022: 

   - The opening is set as Glen and Alyse attempt to bridge back to their souls' emergence as sentient beings on Earth - more than 20,000 years in the past.

   - The experience is so traumatizing the bridging ricochets and they are thrown forward many thousands of years to lives they've only glimpsed once before through the stories Hrogn and Ælfwyn shared with them.

   - The force of the ricochet melds them with their soul-kin in that time period beyond just a "Janus-Bridge".

   - Glen and Alyse find they're locked into a "Bound-Bridge" - and the circumstances their soul-kin are facing in that time and place is dire.  And yet, only Glen and Alyse are aware of what is about to happen, leaving the two of them in a quandary: Do they attempt to bridge home in hopes that will shake their host psyches loose? Or will bridging-home simply drag their soul-kin as unwilling and terrified passengers back to the 21st century with them?  Should they try to mitigate that soul-trauma and reveal themselves to these two primitive individuals and risk the possibility of one or both of them becoming emotionally unstable - perhaps even going mad?  And what about their team back in modern-day Canada?  Will they attempt a rescue? And how would they start? Where - and when - would the team begin to look...?


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